This policy outlines how you may use the NetherGames Network logos, trademarks and other brand assets.


There are two general versions of the NetherGames logo:
Icon version featuring only the lava-drip
Full version containing the NETHERGAMES wordmark

Both versions of the NetherGames logo are the property of the NetherGames Network. You are prohibited from using any versions of the NetherGames logo or any NetherGames brand assets without written permission from NetherGames.

All parties that wish to use the NetherGames logo or brand assets are required to submit their application in writing to, with a detailed description of the intended usage and which assets they will use. For visual content, you will be required to submit a draft for how our brand assets are incorporated.


Written permission for using the NetherGames brand assets is not required under the following circumstances:
You are using our assets in a YouTube video that is promoting NetherGames

Usage Guidelines

You may not modify NetherGames brand assets - you must use the original versions provided
For example, you may not grayscale the NetherGames logo or change the orange colour to yellow

You are prohibited from incorporating NetherGames brand assets into your own brand assets
For example, you may not use our lava-drip icon and add your own business name onto it

You are not permitted to use the NetherGames brand assets to imply endorsement
For example, you may not place the NetherGames logo at the bottom of your signup form for an in-game Minecraft tournament

You may not use the NetherGames brand assets in any misleading or unlawful setting
For example, you may not use the NetherGames logo on a publication that promotes gambling, explicit content, the sale of alcohol or tobacco or any material that violates the law

You must include attribution when using NetherGames brand assets
For example, if you are using the NetherGames logo in your video, include a copyright notice (i.e. "The lava-drip and NETHERGAMES logo designs are the property of the NetherGames Network and used with permission")

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