Images in preview are scaled down. Use the download links provided to get the high quality versions.

You are not permitted to edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the NetherGames logo.
Package downloads are available at the bottom of the page.

Please review our Brand Assets Usage Policy before incorporating our logo into your work.
Icon 1
Recommended for overlay on images

Icon 2
Recommended for profile icons
Transparent | Light | Dark

Icon 3
Recommended for overlay on plain images or backgrounds
Light | Dark

Large Logo 1
Recommended for general use
Light | Dark

Large Logo 2
Recommended for horizontal spacious use
Light | Dark

Large Logo 3
Recommended for spacious use
Light | Dark

Large Logo 4
Recommended for tight horizontal use
Light | Dark

Colour Palette


Package Download

Brand Assets Kit

Includes all 2020 NetherGames logo designs as displayed above

Click here to download (496.4 KB)

Media Kit

Includes all NetherGames media from 2016-present

Advertising Material

Click here to download (125.1 MB)

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