Corporate Structure



Executive Committee

Chief Executive Officer

Callum (Callum9966)

Chief Operating Officer

Dries (Driesboy)

Chief Culture Officer

Tye (TyeRCT)

Former Chief Executive Officer

Keith (k3ithos)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs

Sequoia (bigdaddyquoia)

Senior Vice President - Development

Tobias (TobiasDev)

Senior Vice President - Operations

Kanine (kanine312)

Senior Vice President - People & Culture

Aussie (Aussssiem8)

Executive Advisor

Casper (Hampus3370)

Executive Advisor

Mat (matcracker)

Executive Advisor

Momma (Momma5d)

Vice President - Map Design

Knome (LargeKnome)

Seth (Pwetster)

Vice President - Player Support

Mystic (MysticDmgp)

Vice President - Staff Operations

Trevor (XxTrevorDxX)

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