You will require a forums account. If you don’t have one already, see the guide for creating an account on the forums.

To begin, head over to

Next, click on the "Forums" button in the navigation bar at the top

Then, scroll down and find a catagory that suits the topic of the thread you want to post. If you are unsure of where your thread will fit, select "General Discussion".

After picking a forum to create your thread in, select the "Post Thread" button just under your inbox and alerts button.

Next, choose a thread title and write it in the textbox at the top.

Don't make titles too long but make sure they briefly outline the topic of your thread/discussion.

Once you have entered a title, start writing your starting post for the thread in the big textbox.

Finally, click the "Post Thread" button at the bottom of the page to publicly post your thread to others

You will recieve emails when other members of the forums reply to your thread (unless you have disabled in your notification settings), or you can just check your thread by accessing it in the catagory you posted it in.
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