This competition has been cancelled until further notice.
The Creative Plot Competition is one of the monthly contests we run at NetherGames.

How it works

Every month, we select a theme for a build that all contestants must incorporate into their build.
Your task is easy - to build something on a plot in any of the 3 dimensions (Creative Plots, Mega Creative or Platinum Plots) that follows the theme and submit your plot for review through an online form.
A panel of qualified builders will review all the submissions at the start of next month and announce the winner at around the same time.


You cannot win consecutive contests
You may add helpers to your plot to assist you in the contest, however only the owner of the plot will be eligible for the prize
You may not copy a pre-existing build
You may not use prohibited client modifications to your advantage
Legend players are not eligible for a rank upgrade to Titan


All contestants are to submit their plots to by the first day of the next month.

Questions? Contact our support team here or by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.
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