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Discord Server Rules

Please note that you must be at least 13 years old to hold a Discord account. We will ban and report underage users per Discord's Terms of Service.

While registered in our Discord server (, we expect you to adhere to our regulations as listed below. Failure to follow these expectations will result in a warning or a punishment issued where deemed necessary at our discretion.

1. No swearing/profanity or discrimination

You may not use foul language directed at a specific user or anywhere in the Discord server. Discrimination or inappropriate comments against a particular race, gender, or user are prohibited.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

2. Do not unnecessarily ping or contact others

You may only ping others with a valid reason, especially staff members. If you have a question, please get in touch with @Modmail, where a staff member will reply to your queries as soon as possible.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

3. No advertising

You may not advertise/promote Discord servers or other programs, websites, or services. This rule includes direct messaging unsolicited invites.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

4. Keep personal information safe

Please do not post personally identifiable information to Discord or share it with others. Our server is not a secure environment to share private information with other unknown internet users.

5. No inappropriate content

You may not post content commonly deemed inappropriate. Ask yourself, is this something my parents would like to see? If not, do not post the material in question. Content that others may find offensive is also prohibited.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

6. No spamming

You may not repeatedly repeat the same word or phrase to gain attention or annoy other users. The rule also includes posting chunks of nonsense text or chain messages that are mostly spam.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

7. Use the correct channels for the proper purpose

You may not use text or voice channels for unintended purposes. We prohibit conversations in recruitment channels such as #factions, #guilds, and #skyblock.

Offenders will be issued a warning under this regulation.

8. No evading bans or assisting ban evaders

You may not evade your punishment or assist another user in evading theirs. There are appropriate systems in place to stop offenders, and you are obliged to respect the judgment of our staff members.

We immediately ban offenders under this regulation.

9. Follow Discord policies

You must follow Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines while using the NetherGames Discord server.

10. Follow the server rules

In addition to these rules, any applicable rules from the Server Regulations also apply on Discord.


A 24-hour mute will be issued once a user has reached three warnings, and a permanent ban will be issued once a user gets six warnings.

Suppose you need clarification about what type of activity or behaviour is allowed. In that case, we encourage you to contact our support team—through "Chat with us" (, @NetherGamesMC on Twitter, via email or @Modmail in our Discord server (

We reserve the right to change these rules without prior notice or consultation with the broader community, which may come into effect immediately. We may also exercise the right to ban and refuse service or limit service access to any user at our discretion, regardless of whether they have broken the above regulations.

Thanks for using the NetherGames Discord server—we hope to see you soon!

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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