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Earning Cosmetic Crate Keys

This article is about crate keys that redeem cosmetics. Factions crate keys are separate from cosmetic crate keys and are earned differently.

Cosmetic crate keys allow players to redeem certain cosmetics on the network, including coloured armour for use in the lobby, the type of knife if you're the murderer in Murder Mystery, arrow trails, kill effects, particles, trails, and win effects.

You can earn keys in any game mode (except on Creative, Skyblock, and Factions). Winning one of these games grants you roughly a 5% chance of winning a key.

If it's your lucky day, we will notify you of your winnings in the Experience Summary message sent after you win a game.

To redeem your keys, find the chest in the lobby and click on it to claim your prize!

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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