Users from the EU have a right to erase their data per the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Submitting Erasure Requests

You can send a data erasure request over our live chat platform. Please allow up to 48 hours of processing time.

In your data deletion request, please include the following:

- Your in-game username
- The email address linked with your account

We use these data points to verify that data deletion requests are legitimate. In addition, per EU regulation, you can request a full copy of the erased data in either a JSON or CSV format. We reserve the right to delete internal company data from those data batches not directly linked to your account.

Data Erasure Scope

Erasing your data will delete the following data points:

- Player profile: Ranks and perks, purchases, XP, level, tier, achievements
- Social profile: Guild membership, friend list, party status
- Statistics profile: Statistics for all games
- Record profile: Chat logs, match replay participation
- Service links: Links to a potential forums account

Punishments and warnings. Punishments and warnings result from a breach of our Terms and Conditions. This data is required to support community safety. The GDPR has exclusions for "operational data," which is data that we have a legitimate, reasonable interest in keeping even throughout a data deletion request. Punishments are the only data point that falls under this category, and we reserve the right to keep punishment data even after a GDPR request for up to 12 months or until the punishment expires.
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