The guilds system at NetherGames helps to promote teamwork and increase competition between others.

Creating a guild

You must at least have the Legend rank to create a guild.
To create a guild, use the Social Menu item in your hotbar when you're in a lobby (2nd last slot) and click 'Guilds'. If you're not in a guild, a create guild option will come up.

Please note that your guild name cannot be longer than 20 characters. Inappropriate language in guild names is not permitted.

Inviting other players

If you're the guild leader or an officer, you can invite other players to your guild. Use the Social Menu and click the 'Invite players' button, then select a player that is online from the dropdown.

You can also hit other players with the Social Menu item. A button to invite the player to your guild will show up.

Promoting & demoting guild members/officers and kicking players

To promote guild members, demote guild officers or transfer leadership of the guild, use the Social Menu and click the 'Guild Members' button inside the Guilds menu. A list showing everyone in the guild will pop up. To manage their role or to kick them out of the guild, simply click on their name and applicable options will show up.

You cannot transfer leadership to someone who does not have a Legend rank. Both you and the player must also be online on the same server to transfer the guild leadership.

Earning guild experience

Every time you win a Bedwars or SkyWars game, you earn 15 guild XP for that win. In addition to this, you also get guild XP for every kill you collect within that game.
1-2 kills: 1 XP/kill
3-4 kills: 2 XP/kill
5+ kills: 3 XP/kill

You do not earn any guild XP if you do not win the match.

Setting a guild MOTD

Your guild must be at least level 100 to use this feature.
A guild MOTD is a message that is displayed to all guild members whenever they join the server. This can be helpful to send announcements or to simply encourage your guild members before they play matches.

To set a guild MOTD, use the Social Menu, and within the Guilds menu select the 'Edit MOTD' button. There will be an input box for you to type in your message. Colour codes are supported.

Setting a guild tag

Your guild must be at least level 25 to use this feature.
A guild tag is a small text displayed at the end of each guild member's name tag while in the lobby. It is a purely cosmetic feature.

To set a guild tag, use the Social Menu, and within the Guilds Menu select the 'Change guild tag' button. There will be an input box for you to type in a tag.

Your guild tag cannot be more than 6 characters long.
In addition to the text itself, you can also select a colour for that tag. There are a couple of options for colours and you will be able to select more colours as your guild levels up.
Level 25-49: Gray
Level 50-149: Gray & Dark Aqua
Level 150-299: Gray, Dark Aqua & Yellow
Level 300-499: Gray, Dark Aqua, Yellow & Dark Green
Level 500-749: Gray, Dark Aqua, Yellow, Dark Green & Pink
Level 750+: Gray, Dark Aqua, Yellow, Dark Green, Pink & Gold (orange)

Guilds that have a player with the Titan rank as leader are eligible for a Red guild tag.

Questions? Contact our support team here or by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.
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