Infrastructure Developer

Infrastructure Developers are working on the Infrastructure and components that NetherGames is based on. There are multiple different areas of projects you might be working in:
Game-Proxy development & integration
Extension and development of our ProxyTransport project (MCPE over TCP)
Development of services that are used on the entire network. Examples: Moderation Service, Social Service, etc

The requirements between these projects differ. However, they all use the same base:
Java is the programming language of choice
Applications are deployed using Containerd and Kubernetes

General technologies & experiences required:
Experience with Maven
Experience with Git VSC
Good knowledge of Java & its internals
Ability to resolve issues that might span different services or networks
Ability to work in a team
Proper Git branching

Libraries you will probably use in one of the three different areas above are:
WaterdogPE (Proxy) API interface
Javalin for REST
Netty for TCP networking

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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