From the 1st of April 2022 Discord Nitro boosters will no longer receive a free Legend rank as a perk. Any existing boosters will retain their Legend rank up until the 1st of May 2022 or earlier if they choose to stop boosting.

Nitro boosters are eligible for certain perks and rewards in return for boosting the NetherGames Discord server with their Nitro boosts.

These perks/rewards include:
A special badge added to your Discord account (not limited to NG Discord)
Permissions to change their nickname (IGN by default)
Ability to use external emojis
Ability to use the "Go Live" feature on all General voice channels
Access to the #boosters Discord channel

The perks will be added to your account automatically upon boosting.

Questions? Contact our support team here or by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.
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