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Our team has been notified, and is working on sorting out the issue.

Partner program applications are currently closed while we develop a new applications system and review program requirements.
The NetherGames Partner Program is a select-entry partnership for YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers.

The program works in a way that promotes both your channel and the server network.
Partners are expected to upload at least one NetherGames-related video to their channel every 4 weeks.

The perks offered to you as a partner include:
An exclusive PARTNER rank both on Discord and in-game
Permission to promote your videos in the #media channel on Discord
Ability to set a custom nickname in-game (as opposed to selecting a randomly generated one)
Access to Titan rank perks (public parties, private games, 40 player party limit, replays, exclusive guild tag and more)
Permission to run official NetherGames giveaways through your channel at no cost to you (giveaways will be run at our request and discretion)

Content promoted in #media on our Discord server must meet our Discord Server Regulations. For example, videos that promote a competing server and/or contains inappropriate language is prohibited. We reserve the right to moderate content posted to this platform.

Questions? Contact our support team here or by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.
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