The YT and YouTube ranks grants players who have a YouTube channel over a certain subscriber threshold a rank for use on in-game NetherGames servers.

The YT rank offers access to perks usually reserved for players who vote through the voting site (
To qualify for the YT rank, you must have at least 500 subscribers to your channel. There is no requirement to upload NetherGames or Minecraft-related content to your channel while having the rank in your possession. That being said, your channel must continue to exist while you hold the rank. You cannot apply for the rank, then delete your channel later and still keep the rank.

The YouTube rank offers the ability to choose any kit in SkyWars regardless of rank or tier and also allows players to select a pre-generated nickname to hide their identity.
To qualify for the YouTube rank, you must have at least 5000 subscribers to your channel. In addition to this, you must upload at least one video on NetherGames each month. Failure to comply will result in your rank being removed. Like with the YT rank, your channel must continue to exist while you hold the rank.

Please note that even after the application process, you may not hide your subscriber count from the public. There are systems in place to automatically check your channel eligibility every few weeks. If your subscriber count is hidden, your rank will be removed as it is assumed that you do not meet the requirements.

YouTube channel ranks are issued and removed at our discretion. We reserve the right to remove ranks from accounts at anytime without prior notice.

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