Useful Commands

Discord Bot

/bug — report a bug
/faction — get information about a faction
/guild — get information about a guild
/invite — get the invite for the bot
/msg or /tell — send a DM to a player in the game
/player — get information about a player
/servers — server information and player counts
/vote — sends the vote link
/where — find the location of a player

Lobby Commands

/ac or /arcade — transfer to Arcade
/back, /rejoin, or /reconnect — reconnect to previous game
/bw or /bedwars — transfer to Bedwars
/cq or /conquests — transfer to Conquests
/creative — transfer to Creative
/duels — transfer to Duels
/f, /friend, or /friends — open the friend GUI
/factions — transfer to Factions
/g, /guild, or /guilds — open the guild GUI
/hacker or /report — report a player
/help — list all commands
/hub — transfer to the main lobby
/lobby transfer to the main lobby or game mode lobby in Factions/Skyblock
/mm or /murdermystery — transfer to Murder Mystery
/ms or /mommasays — transfer to Momma Says
/msg, /t, /tell, /w, or /whisper — send a DM to a player
/p, /parties, or /party — open the party GUI
/ping — display your server latency
/sb or /skyblock — transfer to Skyblock
/tb or /thebridge — transfer to The Bridge
/uhc — transfer to UHC
/vote — claim your vote
/whereami — displays your current server
/r or /reply (Legend+) — reply to your most recent DM

Skyblock Commands

/ah or /auctionhouse — open the Auction House
/arena — teleport to the Boss Arena
/baltop — display the richest players
/bounty — display bounty information
/ch, /challenge, or /challenges — open the Challenge GUI
/clearentities — clear excess entities
/dch, /dailychallenge‚ or /dailychallenges — open the Daily Challenge UI
/el or /enchantlist — list of available enchantments
/is or /island — open the island GUI
/kit — open the Kit Selector GUI
/pay — pay using money from your purse
/pv or /privatevault — opens your private vault
/pvp — teleport to the PvP Arena
/rename — rename the item in your hand
/repair — repair the item in your hand
/sell — sell your items
/shop — open the shop GUI
/tpa — teleport to a player
/trade — perform a trade
/withdraw — withdraw money from your bank

/fly (Legend+) — enable flying
/feed (Legend+) — feed yourself when not combat-tagged
/heal (Legend+) — heal yourself when not combat-tagged

Updated on: 24/01/2023

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