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Voting for the Server

Too cool for the tutorial? Click here to go to the voting site directly.

Voting Perks

Voters are granted a range of permissions in exchange for voting for NetherGames on the server list website:

x1.25 personal XP booster
Access to Mega Creative and two free 100x100 plots in the dimension
2 credits per vote
100 XP per vote

You may also consider buying a premium rank to support us.

You can win the monthly top voter competition by voting every day for an entire month.

How do I vote?

Open the voting site (you can bookmark this).
Enter your in-game username in the nickname field (important to receive your rewards!)
Check the "I agree to's Privacy Policy" box.
Ensure that you entered your username correctly before pressing "Vote."

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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