Feeling too smart for the tutorial? Click here to go to the voting site directly.

Voting Perks

Voters are granted a range of permissions in exchange for voting for NetherGames on the server list website:
x1.25 personal XP booster
Access to Mega Creative and 2 free 100x100 plots in the dimension
2 credits per vote
100 XP per vote

You may also like to consider buying a VIP rank to support the server network financially.

How do I vote?

This article was done on a desktop. If you are on mobile, the article will still work for you, however the pictures may look slightly truncated.
Head over to the voting site - https://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/36864/vote/

You may wish to bookmark this page if you play on NetherGames often.

As shown in the picture below, enter your Minecraft username/Xbox Live gamertag.

Please ensure you type your username correctly. If you type the wrong name or skip this step, you will not be able to claim your Voter rank.
You will also need to click the checkbox to agree to the server list website's Privacy Policy to continue.

A popup like the one shown below may appear. As the popup instructs, click on boxes that match the criteria. Once you've chosen all pictures that include the specified object, press "Verify".
In this example, all motorcycle images must be selected to continue.

To finish, click on the "Vote" button below the CAPTCHA.

You have now voted! Head on over to any NetherGames server and you'll receive your rewards when you join.


Running into error messages while voting?

You have to disable your ad blocker to be allowed to vote
If you have an AdBlock extension enabled in your browser, add the server list website to the whitelist or disable your extension temporarily while you vote.

You need to accept our Privacy Policy to vote
Make sure you've ticked the I agree to MinecraftPocket-Servers.com's Privacy Policy checkbox.

The CAPTCHA value is incorrect
This means you have not completed the "I am human" CAPTCHA check properly. Try taking the challenge again.

You have already voted for this server today
Someone using the same Internet connection as you may have already voted today. The blue box below the message will inform you when you will be able to vote again.
You may wish to try to vote using a different Internet connection (i.e. mobile data). If you are unable to use an alternative internet connection, contact our support team (see the bottom of this article).

I can't claim my voting rewards in-game!

You haven't voted yet today. Vote at ngmc.co/v, then come back and claim your rewards.

Make sure you have entered your username properly when voting. If you have entered the incorrect name you will not be able to claim your perks.
You can check your vote status through our website - https://portal.nethergames.org/vote

You've already voted and claimed your rewards today.

This means that you have already claimed your voting perks. If you encounter this message but haven't received the rewards, contact our support team (see below).

Questions? Contact our support team here or by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.
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