The punishment system at NetherGames is point-based.

Point System

There are two types of points issued - ban points and mute points. Once you reach a certain amount of points you will be banned or muted for a set amount of time as follows:

Warnings for offences

The following table outlines each offence in which punishments may be issued for, along with the amount and type of points it carries:

Point Reduction

The amount of points you receive is not permanent. You have a chance to return your account to good standing by not receiving any warning for one month, which will reduce your account’s points by one.

Note that while you are able to reduce the amount of points issued to your account, every warning issued will be added to your account’s record permanently and cannot be removed. However, your warnings record will not affect punishments issued - only the amount of points are used to determine the type and duration of punishments. Your record will only be used for administrative purposes - for example, while applying for a staff position.

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