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Allowed Modifications

We understand that players, in particular people who use PC devices to play on NetherGames, use a range of modifications to improve their gameplay experience. However, some modifications developed by third parties can be used to provide an unfair advantage over other players, ruining the concept of fair play.

Not all modifications are allowed to be used on NetherGames. The general rule is that any modifications used while playing on the network should not provide a significant advantage over other users playing the same game.

Unfair advantages include, but are not limited to: Displaying information relating to the game that is not generally available to players (i.e., distance to other players, player tracers) Automating gameplay functions (i.e., key-mapper, aim assisting, auto clickers)

The following categories of modifications are allowed:

  • Aesthetic & Cosmetics

    Changing the look of the Minecraft game - block and item textures, shaders, HUD, etc. without changing the properties or nature of such objects or displaying extra information relating to gameplay. For example, you may not change a solid block like a stone into a transparent block like glass or add an indicator to the nearest player.

  • Brightness & Lighting

    Modifications that allow you to see in the dark, such as Fullbright, are permitted. These modifications, however, should not interfere with in-game effects. For example, you should not be able to see your surroundings or a more extensive range of blocks while suffering from blindness or mining fatigue effects.

Any modifications that do not fit within the definitions of the above categories should be considered prohibited. We cannot provide an exhaustive list of which specific modifications are allowed.

NetherGames does not endorse the usage of third-party modifications. Please check the integrity of these applications/extensions before using them at your own risk.


While VR clients are allowed on NetherGames, you may be flagged by our anticheat if you use any advantages provided by a VR client which other players do not have. Please play VR clients at your own risk.