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Sending & Receiving Gifts

With the NetherGames store, you can purchase gifts to send to other players as well as opened gifts given to you by other players. In this article, you can learn how to purchase a gift, redeem a gift, and the rules regarding sending gifts to other players.

Rules regarding gifts

Gifts come in two forms, USD gifts & geo-locked gifts. If you wish to purchase a gift with your own country/region's currency (a currency that is not USD), then you will need to ensure that the player you are sending it to lives inside the same country/region for that currency. If the player does not live in the same country/region as you, then you will need to purchase a USD gift.

In simple terms, you can:

  • Purchase in USD - this gift can be sent to anyone, no matter what country the recipient is in.
  • Purchase in your local currency - this gift can only be sent to people inside the country/region of your currency.


Our system can easily detect if you or the receipient of the gift tries to use a VPN to fasify your actual location. This will not work and you will not qualify for a refund if you attempt to do this.

Steps to purchase a gift

  1. On the NetherGames store, select the item you wish to purchase
  2. Choose the "Gift" option, located to the left of "Add to cart"
  3. Select your payment method and agree to the purchase
  4. Head to your "Gift Inventory" by clicking the gift icon in the top right of the website
  5. Expand the box for the gift you've purchased and click "Generate Link"
  6. Copy this link and send it to your desired receipient


Gift links will expire after 48 hours, but you can always generate another one!

Steps to redeem a gift

  1. Open the link provided to you by another player
  2. Click "Accept"!

If you come across any issues with sending or receiving gifts, feel free to contact our staff team at