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Friends System

The friend system at NetherGames allows players to easily track their friends if they're online across the network.

Sending friend requests


By default, you can only add up to 10 friends. Ultra players can add up to 15, Emerald can add up to 25, Legend & Titan can add up to 50 players. You can purchase extra friend slots (for very cheap!) on our store.

You can't send friend requests to players who have blocked them. If you wish to add them as friends, tell them to allow friend requests in the Profile Settings menu.

To add a friend, use the Social Menu item in your hotbar in a lobby (2nd last slot) and click 'Friends'. The 'Add a Friend' button will appear inside the Friends menu. Use the form to select a player you want to be friends with.

You can also hit other players with the Social Menu item. A button to send the player a friend request will show up.

Accepting friend requests

If another player has sent you a friend request, you can accept it using the Social Menu and clicking on the 'Friend Requests' button. Select the friend request you want to accept. If you wish to decline it, ignore it, and it will disappear the next time you log in.