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Enforcement System

Point System

At NetherGames, our enforcement system is points-based. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you will be banned or muted for a set amount of time as follows:

  • 2 points = 1 day
  • 4 points = 1 week
  • 6 points = 2 weeks
  • 8 points = 1 month
  • 10 points = 2 months
  • 12 points = 4 months
  • 14 points = 8 months
  • 16 points = Indefinite

These thresholds are per-category, meaning if you have one punishment for using cheats and one for teaming in solo mode, you will not be issued a two-week ban, only two separate one-week and one-day bans.

Punishments for offences

Each offence category is split into many subcategories, providing a more specific description of the offence. The following outlines each violation in which punishments may be issued, along with the number of points it carries and the type of punishment:


Points: 10

Punishment type: Ban

  • AirJump
  • Anti-KB
  • Auto Clicker
  • Fly
  • Jump
  • KillAura
  • Reach
  • Scaffold
  • Speed
  • Other

Prohibited Addon/Mod

Points: 2

Punishment type: Ban

  • Key Mapper
  • Night Vision
  • Player Tracer
  • Xray
  • Other


Points: 2

Punishment type: Ban

  • Cross Teaming
  • Team Trolling/Killing
  • Teaming in Solo Mode

Abusive Communication

Points: 2 (unless otherwise specified)

Punishment type: Mute

  • Disrespect
  • Inappropriate Language
  • Spamming
  • Discrimination (6 points)
  • Threatening Language (4 points)

Inappropriate Behaviour

Points: 2

Punishment type: Ban

  • Inappropriate Conduct
  • Inappropriate Skin


Points: 4

Punishment type: Mute

  • Advertising Hack Clients
  • Advertising Servers
  • Advertising Websites & Services

Inappropriate Build

Points: 4

Punishment type: Ban

  • Advertisement Build
  • Explicit Build
  • Violent Build

Factions & Guilds

Points: 2

Punishment type: Ban

  • Inappropriate Faction/Guild Name
  • Kill Farming
  • Teleport Trapping


Our staff might reset your positive stats across the network in case of kill farming.


Points: 2 (unless otherwise specified)

Punishment type: Ban

  • Abusing Report System
  • Bug Exploiting
  • Credit Farming
  • Inappropriate Nickname/Pet Name
  • Inappropriate Username (16 points, username ban only)
  • IRL Money Trading (8 points)


Points: 16 (unless otherwise specified)

Punishment type: Ban (unless otherwise specified)

  • Ban Evading
  • Chargeback
  • Disturbing the Peace (mute, admin approval only)
  • Mute Evading (4 points)
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Security Bug Exploiting (admin approval only)
  • Staff Disrespect (4 points, mute)
  • Staff Impersonation (admin approval only)
  • Threat to Community (admin approval only)

Point Reduction

The amount of points you receive is temporary. You can return your account to good standing by not receiving any punishment for one month, reducing your account’s points by one.

Note that while you can reduce the number of points issued to your account, every punishment given will be permanently added to your account’s record and cannot be removed. However, your record will not affect the punishments given—only the amount of points is used to determine the type and duration of punishments. Your history will only be used for administrative purposes—for example, while applying for a staff position.


All punishments issued to an account apply to it and any other associated accounts. For instance, if you have siblings and they also play NetherGames with you, if you are banned or muted, they will also be banned or muted too. Another example is an instance of account sharing. Suppose you previously gave your login details to another player, and they have used your account to join NetherGames. If they are banned or muted, that punishment will apply retrospectively to your account even though you did not commit the offence.


Punishments issued by staff members are supported by evidence collected at the time of the offence being committed. The evidence submitted by staff members is reviewed during the appeals & disputes process by a member of the Appeals & Disputes Division (different from the volunteer who issued the punishment).

Evidence for offences is for internal use only and will not be shared with players or third parties. You will not be able to review the evidence submitted against you.