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Scamming in Factions & Skyblock

Scamming isn't punishable in Faction and Skyblock. Therefore, we cannot compensate you if you lose items due to a scammer. You need to be careful when purchasing or trading items with someone as there can be a high likely-hood of getting scammed from other players.

You are responsible for every setting and structure built on your island. We cannot assist you if another player steals items from your island or destroys your buildings.


Always purchase items from the Auction House /ah or Trading /trade to prevent being scammed.

What is punishable?

We will only punish for Teleport Trapping, where a player requests you teleport to their location in Factions or an island in Skyblock for trading or purchasing. After you teleport to them, they will kill you before or after you purchase or trade with them. You can report players for teleport trapping with evidence on our portal at