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Season Rotations

At NetherGames, we have several aspects of the network which run on season-based resets. This ensures that new players who join the network have greater equality when competing with others.

The following aspects of the network run on seasons.


Season cycle: every 4 months

Current season: started December 27th 2023

Next season: April 1st 2024 (this season is shorter than normal)

  • Free kits will be awarded to players around March 15th to celeberate the end of the season.


Season cycle: every 12 months

Current season: started December 2nd 2023

Next season: Late 2024 (more information will be provided closer to the date)

Credits & Tiers

Season cycle: every 12 months

Current season: started July 1st 2023

Next season: July 1st 2024

Find out more about our credits and tier system here.


  • Rotation 1: January 10th to March 31st
  • Rotation 2: April 1st to June 30th
  • Rotation 3: July 1st to October 14th
  • Rotation 3 + Spooky Season Maps: October 15th to November 14th
  • Rotation 4: November 15th to December 9th (currently active - rotation 1 is running late)
  • Rotation 4 + Winter Holiday Maps: December 10th to January 9th

Find out more about the current maps in rotation here.


Rotation dates may be subject to change. Confirmed dates will be posted in our Discord server here.